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— Danny Byrd

Director of Team Relationships

Linux Academy

“Gerrica is an incredible graphic artist. She is timely, creative, and her attention to detail is noteworthy. Whenever I have a job for her to do, I give her vague descriptions and ideas, and in return, she gives me masterpieces. Highly recommended!”


“How good is her work? Well, Gerrica was first hired for a one-month gig, and she's still working for us 4.5 years later. Production work, web design, print design, she does it all—skillfully, quickly, and beautifully. She's flexible and creative, even as she pays attention to every dot and pixel. ”


— Alex Goulder

Director of Operations



 March 2020

I have made many changes this year- one very noticeable difference is my surroundings. In early 2018, I stepped foot in Australia for the first time and now it will be my new home. Growing up in the Mojave desert was a big difference from the cool fresh air in Denver. I enjoyed the Rockies but now I'm enjoying playing the ocean waves. I had sketched out some very simple illustrations when inspiration hit me at a party. A friend had some clean line tattoos and I thought I could draw those and have them be special to me and my life. It stayed with me and I knew I wanted to take it farther. I created this piece in Illustrator and Photoshop and I'm probably not done with the concept. Stay updated for more. 



Digital Media

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