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What can I do for you? It doesn't hurt to ask. Please send me an email to get the conversation started about your vision for the future.

Marketing  //  Social Media Ads | A/B Testing | Market Research | Calendar | Planning | Copy-Editing | SEO

Web  //  Emails | Landing Pages | Websites | Ads | Social | Branding | Keywords 

Email  //  Custom Graphics & Images | Templates | Branding Integration | Newsletters 

Print  //  Brochures | Business Cards | Promotional Flyers | Ad Layouts | Posters | Apparel 


— Danny Byrd

Director of Team Relationships

Linux Academy

“Gerrica is an incredible graphic artist. She is timely, creative, and her attention to detail is noteworthy. Whenever I have a job for her to do, I give her vague descriptions and ideas, and in return, she gives me masterpieces. Highly recommended!”


“A talented designer, she is excellent in finding creative to serve different types of content. While working with Gaia, she was instrumental in facilitating large-volume projects, bringing great project management and workflow optimization skills.  Easy to communicate with and always open to feedback, I recommend her wholeheartedly!”


Michal Lebowitsch Dayan

VP, International Growth & Content Operations

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